Data Center Solution Configurator (DCSC) Offline is the standalone version of Data Center Solution Configurator online.

The primary audience of this tool are business partners. The capabilities of the tool are same as online version with the following exceptions:

  a. Software Defined Infrastructure is not supported

  b. Copy of rack is not supported

Please use online version if you require these features. For additional information, refer to FAQ of DCSC online.

Exclusive offline capabilities include:

  – Channel price (Tier 1 price) via login





Workstation Requirements

The tool requires following minimum hardware:

  a. Dual-core Processor(CPU)

  b. 8 GB RAM Memory

  c. 5 GB of free storage

Supported Operating system:

Microsoft Windows 64-bit version

Stable internet connection for downloading install file and updating the tool.









Click here to download the latest install file.

The install file size is about 170 MB and would take approximately 3 minutes to download depending on your internet speed.











Install Instructions

Note: Prior to the installation, ensure your workstation meets the minimum requirements.

  a. Download and save the install file in your workstation.

  b. Initiate the installation by double clicking install file (.exe)

  c. Based on your workstation privileges, you may choose to make DCSC available to only your profile(recommended) or “all users” if tool is to be shared with all user profiles.



Step to launch DCSC tool will vary based on this selection. Refer Launch Instructions section.

  d. You may choose to change the destination folder for installation if needed.



  e. Complete the set-up by clicking “Install”.





Launch Instructions

DCSC can be launched by clicking Start > DCSC if you had installed for only your profile.
Alternately, tool can be launched by double-clicking the icon from desktop.

If you had selected DCSC to be available to “all users” during installation, it can be launched by using “Run as administrator” option which is available on right click of DCSC icon or Start > DCSC and right-click menu.



During first launch of DCSC after installation, “Data initialization” window will be displayed for Geo/country data setup. Select the country packages you require and click Install.



User can add and remove country packages from “Data Package Management” window accessible from “Support” menu of tool.











Update Instructions

DCSC has “Auto Update Check” feature enabled during the start-up of the tool.
Tool will check for updates if the workstation has access to internet.
If there is an update available, tool will prompt the user to install or skip the patch.
It is advisable to keep the tool updated to ensure your configurations are accurate.
















Uninstall Instructions

DCSC Offline can be uninstalled by

  a. Clicking Start button > Settings > Apps

  b. Select DCSC program under Apps & features and click Uninstall button



Alternatively, user can select “Uninstall” from right-click of DCSC icon from desktop or Start > DCSC.








Channel Prices

Password for DCSC Offline channel price ( Tier1 price ) is available on DCSC Offline Channel Price Access page from the following links:

North America: Lenovo Partner Portal

EMEA: Lenovo Partner Portal

AP: Lenovo Partner Portal

In order to access these pages, your Lenovo Partner Portal account must be associated with tier-1 business partner profile.

Instructions to set up a Lenovo Partner account are available on the following links:

North America: Register New Company.

EMEA: Register New Company.

AP: Register New Company.

For more information, please send email to




You may make a request or receive product support at the e-mail address below:

When contacting us via email, please include the following:

  • In the Subject heading: "DCSC Offline Version x.x"
  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • Your email and additional contact information
  • A detailed description of the technical issue
  • Steps to recreate the technical issue (when possible)
  • Screenshots of the presented technical issue (when possible)
  • Additional comments relevant to the technical issue








Release Notes

Version: 1.2.0

Release: 25

Release Date: Feb 12, 2018

Change History:
  a. In sync with online code version 20180211
  b. Fix some bug








Q: DCSC has online and offline versions. Which version shall I use for my needs?

A: Although DCSC online and offline versions share same user interface and similar set of features, there are few differences. Copy of Rack is not supported in Offline. Product support for Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is not available in Offline.
As offline version is catered towards business partners, channel prices are displayed in Channel Price Mode which is enabled after login using Channel Password.
You may refer to FAQ of Online for feature set and supported products.


Q: I notice that there is loading time for every selection in customize screen of DCSC. Any tips to reduce this wait?

A: In the customize screen, you may change to “Expert Mode” and deselect “Show Errors” to avoid rule validation at every selection. Once all the selections are made, select “Show Errors” to enable rule validation. You may fix your configuration errors if any at this point. Please note that you can toggle between “Guided Mode” and “Expert Mode” at any step of your configuration.